Project Model


Hidden camera image of a dealer selling ivory jewelry.


Investigators uncover patterns in illegal wildlife traffic and obtain enough information for Congolese authorities to act upon.


Legal experts, investigators and MDDEFE agents collaborate with Congolese police forces (Gendarmerie Nationale, Police Nationale) in order to have wildlife dealers, traffickers and major poachers arrested and brought before justice.


The team of PALF legal experts follows cases from the arrest, into the trial, to the sentence and even beyond to make sure that corruption does not get in the way of justice being served.

Man arrested in Brazzaville for selling illegal wildlife products.


The change is documented and publicized. Arrests and sentencing dissuade individual wildlife criminals and their networks, but broader media coverage of the paradigm shift discourages potential wildlife criminals from getting involved, or may even encourage some wildlife criminals to weigh out the risks and then quit.


Accounting, reporting and organizing the four previous branches of the project. Responsible spending, measurable results, and an activism-oriented spirit for a project that is about changing the status quo and opening a new chapter in wildlife law enforcement in Congo.

Project for the Application of Law for Fauna