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Japan is filing a reservation about international trade in sharks

The Japanese government is filing a reservation about the international trade in porbeagle, oceanic white-tip and three species of hammerhead shark. The rules about international trade in these species were changed at CITES CoP 16 back in March, despite vehement opposition from Japan and China. The FAO estimates that humans kill about 100 million sharks […]

One arrest in Brazzaville – two eagles seized

A man was arrested today in Brazzaville. The operation was the first time that PALF has supported the government of Congo in arresting a wildlife dealer for attempting to sell African fish eagles. Two eagles were rescued during the operation, which was carried out by the Gendarmerie and the Ministry of Forest Economy and Sustainable […]

Eight countries submit action plans to combat illegal trade in elephant ivory

The next Standing Committee meeting for CITES is in July 2014, but the action plans for 8 countries on how they will combat illegal ivory trade have now been submitted. This will be discussed at SC65 in July 2014. Two additional groups of nations have been identified that will also need to develop similar national […]

Major poacher arrested in northern Congo

A major poacher has been arrested yesterday (Saturday) in Makao, in the Likouala Department in northern Congo. Likouala has many very remote regions and the suspect must be brought all the way down the Motaba River, deep in the forests of northern Congo, to arrive to the court with jurisdiction over the case in Likouala’s […]

Wildlife traffic a serious crime!

UN Economic and Social Council encourages Member States to make illicit trafficking in wild fauna and flora a serious crime, when organized criminal groups are involved.

Projet d’application de la loi sur la faune sauvage