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2 ivory traffickers arrested with 300 pieces of carved ivory

2 ivory traffickers arrested in Pointe Noire with 300 carved ivory pieces, weighing 9 kg. One of them is a repeat offender, already arrested by PALF and Interpol in 2014, but released with pretext of health reasons. This time bribing his way out will not help with a far tighter follow up as before He […]

3 ivory traffickers arrested with 35 kg

3 ivory traffickers were arrested in Ouesso with 35 kg ivory. They concealed the 10 tusks, representing 5 killed elephants, in a cooling container, wich they brought to a hotel, where they intented to sell the ivory. They are well situated notorious traffickers, one of them a repeat offender arrested before for trafficking ammunition to […]

2 ivory traffickers arrested with 8 elephant tusks

  2 ivory traffickers arrested in the north of the country with 8 elephant tusks of very young animals. They were arrested in the act attempting to sell the contraband. They had been trafficking ivory for years, collaborating with many poachers, massacring forest elephants in central Congo and having links to Chinese traffickers. One week […]

4 traffickers arrested with 3 leopard skins

2 traffickers were caught red handed during an attempt to sell 3 leopard skins. During interrogation they revealed a third culprit. He was arrested the following day, but during his arrest a fourth person tried to hide a bag with an elephant tail and leopard tail from the gendarmerie. She appeared to be a repeat […]

The finance of criminal networks

Posted by PALF on Sunday, June 7, 2015

2 year sentence

Condamné a 2 ans de prison ferme – Sentenced to two years in prison Posted by PALF on Tuesday, March 31, 2015

US Ambassador Sullivan Visits the Gendarmerie Following Brazzaville Ivory Seizure

Post by Naftali Honig.

New booklets on wildlife legislation in Congo

Trial tomorrow

Post by PALF.

1 week – 4 operations

Last week, in a single week, PALF brought about 4 operations which resulted in the arrest of 8 traffickers. Already, this week, another trafficker linked to the last arrests was arrested. All nine arrests were in Brazzaville…we are not stopping! Post by PALF.

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