Chimp trafficker arrested

This young male chimpanzee was illegally trafficked from northern Congo to the country’s capital city, Brazzaville.

The young chimpanzee confiscated two days ago has been sent to a chimpanzee sanctuary for intense veterinary care. His condition was very poor after so much mistreatment.

The trafficker who brought the chimpanzee on board the boat has just been arrested today.

Joining the boat’s captain and a member of the crew responsible for bringing the animal on board and accepting payment to transport it, the trafficker has now been brought to Court. PALF will continue fighting for tough sentences for these three ¬†and we can send out a clear message that illegal wildlife traffic is not tolerated in Congo!

3 Comments to "Chimp trafficker arrested"


    good work ………god bless u

  2. Debra says:

    What will the Captin, crew and trafficker receive as a sentence ? At first I thought the wounds were from a rope tied to tight but with the cut on the hip too it almost lookes like it got hit by the prop blade. Please keep us up dated on his condition. I pray Saint Frances will take care of this little one.

  3. Thank God someone is speaking for those that can’t..

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