Protected Species in Republic of Congo

Congolese wildlife is classified in three classes. Click on the names of individual species for more information on each species and associated illegal wildlife trade.

Class A (integrally protected species) cannot be killed, captured, detained, transported, commercialized, imported or exported, with the exceptions of protecting people or for scientific purposes.

Class B (partially protected species) can be killed, captured, detained or commercialized, but only with the proper authorization coming from the MDDEFE.

Class C species are not listed on annexes and can thus be harvested by traditional hunting techniques at any point, although commerce and transport of these species are still illegal.

The following list is a list of species cited in the annexes of Arrêté n° 6075. For more information regarding Congolese wildlife legislation, click here. While the following list is names all species specifically cited by the wildlife law, Article 113 of the wildlife code specifies that international commerce in contravention of a ratified convention (for example CITES, to which Congo is a signatory). This means that the list is not exhaustive and that CITES-listed species, for instance, will be automatically covered by the same code with regards to their international trade.

For more information on individual species, click on their names.

Integrally Protected Species

Forest elephant

Water chevrotain

Southern reedbuck


Giant forest hog


Western lowland gorilla



Colobus (all species)



Spotted hyena

Side-striped jackal

Giant pangolin

Tree pangolin

African manatee

Southern right whale

Bryde’s whale

Humpback whale

Sei whale

Short-beaked common dolphin

Long-beaked common dolphin

Atlantic humpback dolphin

Common bottlenose dolphin

Sperm whale

Orca (killer whale)


Pink-backed pelican

African darter

Marabou stork

Saddle-billed stork

White-crested tiger heron

Grey heron

Purple heron

African fish eagle

Tawny eagle


Long-crested eagle

Palm nut vulture

Lesser kestrel

Peregrine falcon

Denham’s bustard

Spotted eagle owl

Pel’s fishing owl

Leatherback sea turtle

Olive Ridley sea turtle

Green sea turtle

Hawksbill sea turtle

Loggerhead sea turtle

Nile crocodile

Slender-snouted crocodile

Rhinoceros viper

Partially Protected Species

Grand chasse

Forest buffalo

Yellow-backed duiker

Peter’s duiker

Red-flanked duiker

Bay duiker




Red river hog

Red-capped mangabey

De Brazza’s monkey

Agile mangabey

Putty-nosed monkey

Abdim’s stork

Woolly-necked stork

Yellow-billed stork

Goliath heron

Spur-winged goose

Knob-billed duck

Great blue turaco

Yellow-billed turaco

Helmeted guineafowl

Black-casqued wattled hornbill

Central African rock python

Gaboon viper

Nile monitor

Aubry’s flapshell turtle

Dwarf crocodile

Petite chasse

Blue duiker

Common duiker

Southern talapoin

Mustached monkey

Brush-tailed porcupine

Greater cane rat

Emin’s pouched rat

African civet

Straw-colored fruit bat

Marsh mongoose

Piping hornbill

African pied hornbill

White crested hornbill

Afep pigeon

Red-eyed dove

Green pigeon

Red-necked spurfowl

Common buttonquail

Common snipe

African grey parrot


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