For the first time in West Africa, the LAGA model has been replicated, starting with the Republic of Guinea, also known as Guinea-Conakry.

The NGO Wara Conservation Project (WCP), based in Conakry, has taken on the replication, naming the project GALF (Guinée Application de la Loi Faunique). Wara had been working for years in Guinea, and realized, as conservation in Central Africa has, that the application of the wildlife law is a key element in protecting species vulnerable to illegal wildlife trade.

In collaboration with the Guinean ministry in charge of wildlife and INTERPOL, and with the help of LAGA and Conservation Justice, GALF helped bring forth the first operation concerning wildlife crime in Guinea, arrested numerous dealers for skins and ivory.

Again, in May, GALF organized a second operation which arrested a number of members of one of Guinea’s largest ivory dealing network. PALF helped in this second operation, reinforcing regional collaboration.

GALF followed up with a third operation, concerning chimpanzees illegally detained by Chinese nationals. While the obstacles are still very large, these first results received widespread media interest and have called attention to the very pressing matter of Guinea’s illegal wildlife trade. With chimp dealers, birds dealers, skin dealers and ivory dealers abounding, there is a lot of work to do, to protect the wildlife of Republic of Guinea, and far beyond to the extent to which the tentacles of illegal wildlife traffic reach.


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Project for the Application of Law for Fauna