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PALF - Project for the Application of Law for Fauna

In the conservation of Central African wildlife today, there is a growing awareness of a dire need for the laws that protect wildlife to be more strictly applied.

In Republic of Congo, the laws exist, but their application is incomplete and people have grown accustomed to this. Sometimes the habit reflects a lack of interest in applying wildlife law, but sometimes the traffic of influence and other more direct forms of corruption enter into the picture. Without legal consequences, the laws are not able to dissuade wildlife criminals from their actions. Our work is to change that.

PALF is the result of the acknowledgement in conservation of the need for a paradigm shift. Closer follow up of judicial procedures, from the investigations and operations, to trials and all the way to the sentencing and the application of penalties, is indispensable. Since 2008, PALF has been supporting the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Forest Economy and the Environment (MDDEFE) in this regard, under the auspices of its Consortium, composed of The Aspinall Foundation. (TAF) et Wildlife Conservation Society. (WCS). This Consortium signed a relevant Memorandum of Understanding with the MDDEFE in 2010.
PALF is part of a network of similar projects in Central Africa, lead by LAGA in Cameroon, and also including RALF in Central African Republic and AALF in Gabon.

Latest news!

A notorious elephant poacher caught with 211 bullets and an assault rifle is sentenced in Cuvette-Ouest to four years in prison!

Two poachers arrested in Cuvette. Attemps at corruption were blocked by PALF.

Chinese ivory dealer sentenced to four years in prison!

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