2 ivory traffickers arrested with 300 pieces of carved ivory

14563416_1142659862485036_2144372563026512624_n2 ivory traffickers arrested in Pointe Noire with 300 carved ivory pieces, weighing 9 kg. One of them is a repeat offender, already arrested by PALF and Interpol in 2014, but released with pretext of health reasons. This time bribing his way out will not help with a far tighter follow up as before He is kept behind bars together with his accomplice, well known international trafficker of DRC nationality, living also in Angola. Being involved in ivory trafficking for 20 years, he has many international connections that are being investigated. Two carving machines and other equipment for carving ivory have been found and seized in the house of the second trafficker.

main photo 14641946_1142659932485029_6132912556424995049_n

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