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Chimp trafficker arrested

The young chimpanzee confiscated two days ago has been sent to a chimpanzee sanctuary for intense veterinary care. His condition was very poor after so much mistreatment. The trafficker who brought the chimpanzee on board the boat has just been arrested today. Joining the boat’s captain and a member of the crew responsible for bringing […]

Transporters arrested in Brazzaville

Members of a boat crew, including the captain, were arrested on October 9 in Brazzaville, having been found to have accepted (and been paid) to transport a live chimpanzee from northern Congo all the way to Brazzaville. When the young chimpanzee was seized, he was in a critical state. Chimpanzees are protected by Congolese law. Not only […]

Projet d’application de la loi sur la faune sauvage