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2 ivory traffickers arrested with 300 pieces of carved ivory

2 ivory traffickers arrested in Pointe Noire with 300 carved ivory pieces, weighing 9 kg. One of them is a repeat offender, already arrested by PALF and Interpol in 2014, but released with pretext of health reasons. This time bribing his way out will not help with a far tighter follow up as before He […]

3 ivory traffickers arrested with 35 kg

3 ivory traffickers were arrested in Ouesso with 35 kg ivory. They concealed the 10 tusks, representing 5 killed elephants, in a cooling container, wich they brought to a hotel, where they intented to sell the ivory. They are well situated notorious traffickers, one of them a repeat offender arrested before for trafficking ammunition to […]

Projet d’application de la loi sur la faune sauvage