Pangolin posting

Pangolin traffic is hitting Africa – like ivory and rhino horn, the illegal trade in pangolin scales is largely destined for China.

Check out our Giant pangolin page, where we’ve added a video from Annamiticus about pangolins.

They also made an interesting graphic full of information about the trade: click here.

We also posted on Weibo as well, to try and inform a wider audience that people in Central Africa are being arrested for illegal pangolin trade. A recent case in Cameroon saw the arrest of 3 traffickers of Chinese nationality.

喀麥隆共和國的野生動物管理局逮捕了三名涉嫌非法走私穿山甲鱗甲的中国人。在三人之中,魏滔(音譯Wei Tao)在西南部被捕並己被拘留了六个月,另外二人仍在受審。他們全部都違法持有大穿山甲的鱗甲。這類非法的交易在亞洲早已对穿山甲造成嚴重的傷害,而如今不肖之徒將矛頭指向了非洲的野生動物。

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